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Rawlings Horween Heart of the Hide CMHC2 12.75 Inch First Base Mitt Right Hand Throw

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Rawlings Horween palm and mesh back First Base Mitt, a truly exceptional 1st base mitt designed to elevate your game to new heights. This unique mitt is defined by its distinctive features, combining top-tier materials with innovative design elements to deliver unparalleled performance on the field.


At the heart of this extraordinary mitt is its stiff Horween tan palm, renowned for its premium quality and durability. The Horween leather not only ensures a robust and long-lasting construction but also provides a distinct two-tone tan and black aesthetic that sets this mitt apart from the rest. The exquisite combination of colors not only enhances the visual appeal but also reflects the attention to detail that Rawlings is known for.


Designed with precision, the 12.75-inch size of the mitt offers an expansive catching surface, providing players with the confidence to tackle any incoming ball. The CMHC2 pattern further contributes to the mitt's exceptional design, optimizing the pocket for secure ball control and quick releases.


Innovative engineering meets lightweight functionality with the incorporation of a mesh back. This strategic use of mesh not only reduces the overall weight of the mitt but also looks great and comfortable during intense gameplay. The mesh back adds a modern touch to the classic leather design, making this mitt a true fusion of tradition and innovation.


The Scarlet Stitch and Scarlet Embroidery details not only add a pop of color but also serve as a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into creating each Rawlings mitt. The Gold Stamp and Gold Stitching further elevate the aesthetic, exuding a sense of prestige and luxury on the field.


Whether you're a seasoned player or a rising star, the Rawlings First Base Mitt with its unique combination of features promises to be a game-changer. Step onto the field with confidence, knowing you have the advantage of a mitt that blends style, performance, and quality seamlessly. Elevate your game with Rawlings – where tradition meets innovation.


  • 12.75 Inch
  • CMHC2 Pattern
  • Horween Tan Palm
  • Scarlet Stitch
  • Scarlet Embroidery
  • Gold Stamp
  • Gold Stitching
  • Mesh Back




Designed by @yellowsub73


Questions for Andrew:


Q.  Why did you choose this baseball glove and design?

A.   Mix between old school McGwire And Griffey JR two tone CMHC/TB color way and new school Rizzo mesh.


Q.  How long have you been in interested in baseball and baseball gloves and back story of why?

A.  It was fun to rediscover gloves and see how they had changed over the years as well as the trends in the patterns I experienced growing up and what they are now. Comparing and contrasting the different patterns and seeing how they evolved as well as the realization that gloves are a form or art in their build and make up.


Q.  First baseball glove or glove memory?

A.  Realizing you could get your favorite players models in the 90s and how cool it was as a kid to finally get that 1st HOH 'adult' glove that was at least based on my hero. That was, of course, a cmhc. 


Q.  Favorite glove in collection that would never trade?

A.   Bob SLCS SPT, pro dept RV24 and of course the SLAM PRO200-23


Q.  Any memory of buying from / Don Morton Sports in the past or favorite DMS model?

A.  DMS has always been the hero of outlets to me because of their work in bring back past seemingly retired models like the 6hf and SPT. However, that will always be second to their work of single handedly introducing and keeping alive the RV23 for many years after by offering different styles and options. Its existence can be attributed to DMS and for that, I'm thankful.



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3 Reviews

  • 5

    Posted by Justin on Mar 28th 2023


  • 5

    Posted by Chris Romanowski on Feb 9th 2023

    My son loves it and cant wait to start breaking it in for his high school season. Beautiful Rawlings HOH craftmanship, with the lightweight addition of the mesh back and thumb. The smell of the Horween brought me back 40 years to the gloves of the early 80s. Fast shipping and great overall buying experience. Thanks

  • 5

    Posted by Jagger on Nov 30th 2022

    This is awesome, super stiff and lighter feeling at the same time. This might just pick the ball for you! Well done A+