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Rawlings Horween Heart of the Hide 12.75 Inch 442 Baseball Glove Right Hand Throw

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The Rawlings 442 pattern baseball glove is a non-traditional outfield pattern that has gained popularity, particularly due to its association with MLB player Cody Bellinger. Bellinger has been using the PRO442 pattern glove since 2019, and it has become an iconic part of his playing style.



Crafted from ultra-premium steer-hide leather, the Heart of the Hide outfield glove offers unmatched quality and feel. The 12.75-inch 442 pattern is specifically designed to help players like Bellinger make even the most difficult plays look routine in the outfield. The wide pocket provided by this unique pattern allows for exceptional ball control and ensures that the glove closes flat, increasing the chances of successful catches.



One notable feature of the 442 pattern is its slightly shallower pocket depth compared to the popular Rawlings 303-pattern. This feature gives outfielders like Bellinger a heightened sense of each ball they encounter, enabling them to react swiftly and make accurate throws. The glove's design is optimized for tracking down fly balls with confidence, allowing players to cover more ground and secure outs effectively.



By choosing the Rawlings 442 pattern glove as your next gamer, you'll be joining an exclusive group of players who value exceptional performance and reliability. Known as "The Finest in the Field," these gloves are trusted by professional athletes and amateur players alike. Whether you're making the toughest plays or confidently tracking down fly balls, the Rawlings 442 pattern glove will help elevate your game and establish you as a force to be reckoned with on the field.



Classic looking Rawlings outfield 442 model in this Horween winter 2022 collection. Designed @picklethebeast417 and built by Rawlings skilled master glove technicians. 

  • 12.75 Inch
  • 442 Pattern
  • Horween Tan Shell
  • Gold Tan Stitch
  • Red Embroidery
  • Horween Tan Lining



Designed by @picklethebeast417


Questions for Jay:


Q.  Why did you choose this baseball glove and design?

A.   I felt that making the PRO442 a little more common would provide an opportunity for outfielders to have a few more choices, especially if you have a smaller hand or don't require a glove as deep as a 303. Previous 442 models have been sneaky favorites of players and glove collectors, so bringing a Horween version of this pattern may be popular in a lot of ways.


Q.  How long have you been in interested in baseball and baseball gloves and back story of why?

A.  Since I was old enough to play the game, I've always been interested in baseball gloves. As a kid, our family couldn't afford much in terms of equipment, and my twin brother and I would instead study gear by collecting baseball cards. I always vowed that when I got older, I would devote part of my time (turns out, a LOT of my time) to gathering as much substantive knowledge and expertise on gloves as possible and pass on what I learned to others. I am so thankful for the opportunities that social media has given me to connect with so many like-minded glove lovers over the past few years, it has really been one of the best experiences of my life. 


Q.  First baseball glove or glove memory?

A.  The first baseball glove I remember from my childhood was a Rawlings 11" black basket web, an RGB90B, signed by everyone's favorite player, Ken Griffey, Jr. It was purchased from a warehouse store in the 80s, and although my brother won the coin flip for it since could only afford one at the time, my parents were able to acquire one for me later that I cherished for many years.  


Q.  Favorite glove in collection that would never trade?

A.   I have a test model for a special charity glove I had made a few years ago constructed partially of real denim and handmade in St. Louis. The actual model raised $2,620 for the Sam Fuld T1D Sports Camp, and the test model will stay with me forever.


Q.  Any memory of buying from / Don Morton Sports in the past or favorite DMS model?

A.  Although there have been many, my absolute favorite DMS model was an 11.5" PRO200-6 from 2013. 


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    Rawlings Horween Heart of the Hide 12.75 Inch 442 Baseball Glove Right Hand Throw

    Posted by Marc Pascucci on Mar 1st 2024

    This is my second purchase (My First was a Rawlings Horween Heart of the Hide PRO1000-9HT Baseball Glove 12.25 Inch Right-hand Throw) from Ballgloves and my second Rawlings Heart of The Hide Horween Leather glove.

    In my personal opinion, Horween leather is the only way to go when purchasing a new baseball glove. Horween leather is superior to the leather used in other Rawlings gloves because of its durability and the way it holds its pocket after many, many games and practices. If you love Rawlings gloves and mitts one that's made with Horween leather is the way to go! And the place to get one is right here at!