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Zett Pro Series BPGT-3601 Baseball Glove 11.5 Pitcher Right Hand Throw

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ZETT Pro Model 11.5 inch Black Pitcher Glove

ZETT Pro Model Baseball Glove Series is designed for use by professional players. These gloves are made light, retaining stable tactility while holding the ball. This design helps players catch and throw in less time. The gloves are made with US steerhide, making them suitable for use in advanced competitive games.

About US Steerhide

The raw material comes from the North American cattle which is about 18-month old. US Steerhide has been produced and tanned by Taiwanese professional leather factories whose baseball gloves tend to be thicker and more durable.

US Steerhide has currently become one of the most widely adopted high-class leather on the market.

Thumb/Pinky Reinforcement

The thumb/pinky stripes will be extended to fingertips, which will strengthen the structure and have good control of the glove.

More Information
Size Measurement: from wrist to index fingertip (outside)

Note: This model is not available for putting ring/pinky fingers in pinky slot.