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Worth Krecher 13.5 XL WSA3KRL Slowpitch USA ASA Softball Bat 34 Inch 28 oz

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If you're looking for a powerful batting experience, the 2023 KReCHeR XL USA ASA bat is the perfect fit for you. Designed specifically for big hitters, this USA bat offers a superior feel that will help you dominate the plate. The Quad Comp technology enhances the performance of the inner barrel and creates optimal whip, providing you with a large sweet spot for maximum power and distance. You'll feel the ball soar off the bat like never before.

In addition, the ultra-thin Flex Fifty handle promotes incredible bat speed with each swing. It has a small, comfortable opti-grip knob for better control. The KReCHeR bat also features a XL .5-ounce end load, which adds weight to the end of the bat for a smooth and powerful swing. You'll be able to get the 13.5-inch barrel through the zone quickly and drive the ball with ease.

The 2023 KReCHeR USA bat will help you tap into your full potential at the plate. Order yours now and start hitting more home runs!


  • 2023 Year Released
  • USA Certification
  • KReCHeR Series
  • Composite Material
  • 13.5 in Barrel Length
  • 2 1/4 in Barrel Diameter
  • Three-Piece Frame
  • Flex 50 Handle
  • Opti Grip Knob
  • Quad Comp Technology
  • 1 Year Warranty