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Wilson A500 Baseball Glove 11.5 inch Mariner GreenBlack Right Hand Throw

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A500 RC22- 11.5 Wilson A500 RC22 Baseball GloveA500 Robinson Cano 11.5 Baseball Glove- Right Hand Throw A500 Robinson Cano 11.5 Baseball Glove- Left Hand Throw WTA05RB17115 WTA05LB17115 Designed for youth players, this A500 11.5 model replicates Robinson Cano's Game Model A2000 RC22 glove in Black and Mariner's Green. It features an H-Web and maintains a shallow pocket perfect for all positions.The A500 is the lightest all-leather glove on the market. The glove's top-grain leather provides a flexible, ready-to-play feel that performs without the extra weight of other leather gloves. 11.5 H-Web Replica of Robinson Cano's Game Model glove, the A2000 RC22 GMGame-ready top grain leather shell provides all the feel without the wieght2x Palm Construction to reinforce the pocketDual WeltingTM for a durable pocketThe lighest all-leather glove on the market UtilityBoth10.75 h-web Game Ready Top Grain LeatherA500 1786 Showtime 11.5 Pedroia Fit Bandit 1786A1074 Wilson Players Video