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Wilson A2000 Robinson Cano Game Model Baseball Glove Mariner GreenBlack 11 Right Hand Throw

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Robbie's a Super Skin guy. He likes its lightness when he's turning two and that it stays light even when the field gets wet. It's built from the 1786 model -- Wilson's most popular MLB infield glove because the shallow pocket makes it easy for a quick transfer. Robbie likes that. You'll like it, too. Same Pattern Worn by Robinson Cano 11.50 Inch Pattern Colorway Black Mariner s Green Conventional Open Back Dri-Lex Wrist Lining - Ultra-Breathable Moisture Wicking Material Dual Welting Creates Durable Pocket Long Lasting Break-In I-Web Wilson H-Web with Double X Laces Infield Glove Pro Stock Leather - Long-Lasting Structure Great Break-In Super Skin Technology - Reduces Excess Weight Repels Moisture 2X Stronger Than Leather