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Wilson A2000 1787 SuperSkin Baseball Glove WhiteRedBlack 11.75inch Right Hand Throw

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A2000 1787 SS - 11.75 Wilson A2000 1787 Super Skin Infield Baseball GloveA2000 1799 Super Skin 11.75 Infield Baseball Glove- Right Hand ThrowWTA20RB171787SS Extend your reach with the Wilson A2000 1787 SS. A popular middle infield and third base model, this glove is perfect for dual position players. It features a shallow pocket that allows for a longer range and is often broken in with a flattened, flared shape. Developed with an H-Web, grey Pro Stock Leather, and black Super Skin, this glove gives every player game changing performance.The A2000 Super Skin baseball glove series is the utility player of the Wilson lineup. A versatile mix of Pro Stock Leather and man-made Super Skin makes the glove stonger, lighter and easier to break in that the all-leather A2000. 11.75 Infield ModelH-WebPro Stock Leather combined with Super Skin for a light, long lasting glove and a great break-inDual Welting for a durable pocketDriLex Wrist Lining to keep your hand cool and dry InfieldRHT 11.75 H-Web Pro Stock Leather A2000 G5 SS A2K 1786 A2000 T-shirtWilson Glove Care KitAso-San Glove Mallet Aso breaks in Brandon Phillips Glove