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Wilson A1K DP15 Pedroia Fit Infield Baseball Glove BlackRoyalWhite Right Hand Throw

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A1K DP15 Royal Blue Accents - 11.5 Wilson A1K DP15 Blue Accents Infield Baseball GloveA1K DP15 11.5 Infield Baseball Glove - Right Hand Throw WTA1KRB16DP15BThe A1K DP15 has royal blue accents and is built using Dustin Pedroia's game model glove specifications. He prefers a snug fitting baseball glove that allows him to quickly find the ball and make the play. It is perfect for middle infielders looking for more feel. Built for players who prefer a tighter fitting glove with pro-level performance, the A1K glove series features Pro Stock patterns with a Pedroia Fit. When Dustin Pedroia needed a glove that fit differently that the A2K and A2000, we designed the Pedroia Fit for him. It has a smaller hand opening, shorter finger stalls and a low profile heel pad that provides optimal feel, and it's available for players in every position with the A1K. 11.5 Infield ModelH-WebFastbreak Construction combines the expertise of Wilson A2000 technicians with materials optimized for a quicker break inPedroia Fit - All of the fit modifications Dustin Pedroia requests-including a snug fit, long laces, smaller hand opening and low profile heelLow profile heel for less rebound on bad-hop grounders and to make the glove easier to closeTop Shelf Leather for durability and a custom break inRolled Dual-Welting for quicker break inPro Stock Patterns - The same base patterns used on the legendary Wilson A2K and A2000 models InfieldRHT 11.5 h-web Top Shelf Leather A2K DP15 GM A1K OTIF Wilson A2000 T-Shirt Wilson Glove Care KitAso-San Glove Mallet Aso breaks in Brandon Phillips Glove