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Victus Pro Reserve Birch Wood Baseball Bat TA7 33 inch

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Introducing the Victus Birch Wood Bat: Rip it and Flip it with Tim Anderson’s TA7. This baseball bat is designed to deliver power and control to "handsy" hitters who want to make a big impact on the field. With its impressive features and high-quality construction, the TA7 is a top choice for players looking to enhance their performance.

The TA7 is an end-loaded bat, meaning it has additional weight towards the barrel. This design provides increased whip through the hitting zone, allowing hitters to generate more power and drive the ball with authority. Whether you're looking to rip line drives or flip the ball over the outfield, this bat is built to deliver the results you need.

One standout feature of the TA7 is its flared knob. The flared design offers a comfortable grip and helps prevent slippage during the swing. This ensures that your hands stay secure on the bat, allowing you to maintain control and make precise contact with the ball.

The handle of the TA7 measures .95 inches in diameter, providing a balanced feel and allowing for quick wrist action. This thin handle enables players to generate bat speed and make explosive swings, giving them an edge at the plate.

The barrel of the TA7 is large, measuring 2.52 inches in diameter. This sizeable barrel offers a larger sweet spot, increasing the chances of solid contact and improving the likelihood of driving the ball with power. The gloss black/natural colorway of the bat, combined with gold chrome detailing, gives it a sleek and professional appearance that stands out on the field.

The Victus Birch Wood Bat is constructed using high-quality birch wood. Birch is known for its durability, strength, and flexibility, making it an excellent choice for baseball bats. It provides a solid feel upon contact and offers a great combination of power and control.

To provide additional peace of mind, the Victus Birch Wood Bat comes with a 45-day warranty from Victus. This warranty ensures that you can confidently use the bat without worrying about defects or issues.

In conclusion, the Victus Birch Wood Bat: Rip it and Flip it with Tim Anderson’s TA7 is a top-tier baseball bat designed for "handsy" hitters who want to maximize their performance on the field. With its end-loaded design, flared knob, thin handle, large barrel, and durable birch wood construction, this bat delivers power, control, and style. Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting your baseball journey, the TA7 is a reliable choice that can help you take your game to the next level.

  • Knob: Flared
  • Handle: .95”
  • Barrel: Large 2.52”
  • Feel: End-Loaded
  • Wood: Birch
  • 45 day warranty included