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Victus Debut 2 Batting Gloves White White Adult X-Large

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The Victus White Batting Gloves, also known as the Debut 2.0 Batting Gloves, are a top-of-the-line sports accessory for serious baseball players. These gloves are designed to offer players a comfortable and flexible fit while also improving grip and durability.

One of the key features of these gloves is the Pittards® sheepskin palm, which is known for its high quality and long-lasting performance. The Gripster® technology that is integrated into the palm further improves grip and ensures that the gloves provide excellent control in all weather conditions.

In addition, the back of the hand is made of a two-way stretch knit Carbonium Synthetic material that offers improved flexibility while still maintaining structure. This helps players to have a better grip on their bat and a greater range of motion in their hands.

The Debut 2.0 Batting Gloves are available in three different colors: Jet Black, Arctic White, and Wolf Gray. The lightweight neoprene cuff provides added support and comfort, making these gloves a must-have for any serious baseball player. If you're looking for high-performance gloves that offer superior grip, durability, and flexibility, the Victus White Batting Gloves are an excellent choice.





The Victus Debut 2.0 batting gloves feature a Pittards sheepskin palm with Gripster technology to enhance grip, a two-way stretch knit Carbonium Synthetic back of hand for improved flexibility, and a lightweight neoprene cuff for support and range of motion. Available in Jet Black, Arctic White, and Wolf Gray.


  • Pittards® sheepskin palm with added Gripster® technology improves grip with the presence of moisture
  • Two-way stretch knit Carbonium Synthetic back of hand offers improved flexibility while maintaining structure.
  • Lightweight neoprene cuff provides support and better range of motion.





  1. These batting gloves are beyond my expectations! The construction quality is exceptional, and they are extremely comfortable, strong, and soft. They fit perfectly.

  2. These gloves are amazing! The quality is top-notch, and they are sturdy, comfortable, soft, and look really cool. I'm a tall guy (6'4'') and ordered an XL, and they fit me perfectly.

  3. These are the most comfortable batting gloves I've ever used, and they last longer than expected. I absolutely love them.

  4. Even though I'm a softball player, these batting gloves are the best I've ever used. They have a comfortable fit, nice grip, and are very durable. The back of the gloves is ventilated, so they don't feel like snow gloves in the summer.

  5. These gloves fit perfectly and are breathable. I can't wait to use them with my FT23 and hit some home runs!