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SSK Taiwain Silver Series 13 Inch Baseball Glove Tan Right Hand Throw

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The SSK Taiwan Silver Series is made for players who had passed the intro stages of ball to the advanced. SSK strictly picked the strong US Steerhide and shaped them with the most fashionable style.  US Steerhide from the North American cattle, which is about 18 months old, has been produced and tanned by Taiwanese professional leather factories. Taiwan factories tend to produce baseball gloves with goal of being thick and durable. The factories employ senior craftsman to adjust the shape of the gloves so that players can limit the break in time. The glove of this series is still considered somewhat rigid, and players need some time to break in it and put it into the field. US Steerhide has currently become one of the most widely adopted high-class leather on the market. For SSK Silver Series, the thumb/pinky stripes will be extended to fingertips, which will strengthen the structure and have good control of the glove.