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Shoeless Joe 34 inch Catchers Mitt Right Handed Throw

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3400CM-Right Handed Throw
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The Shoeless Joe 34 inch Catchers Mitt (Right Handed Throw) is a top-quality piece of equipment that offers players the same quality, feel, and style of gloves used by professional baseball players over the last century. With Shoeless Joe Gloves, players have the option to choose between the Golden Age Series, which includes glove models used in the first half of the 20th century, and the Professional Model Series, featuring modern-day models.

What sets Shoeless Joe gloves apart from others is their unique construction process. Each glove is individually hand-cut and sewn from Special Aged Antique Tobacco Leather Hides, making them unique in their own way. The gloves are then hand-rubbed with old-time ingredients to soften the leather before undergoing a breaking-in process, which gives them a beaten-up, "Game Worn" look and feel, like that of a broken-in glove. Thus, each glove is unstructured, giving it its own unique feature.

Players can choose to play with an old-time or modern-day web without having to switch to another model. And once a game has ended, players can keep their Shoeless Joe glove for a lifetime, unlike a great play, which can only be lived once.

However, it's important to note that these gloves are not for players who want to end a game with a clean uniform. The Shoeless Joe Gloves are designed to look and feel like they have been through countless games, just like their professional baseball player counterparts.

The Shoeless Joe 34 inch Catchers Mitt (Right Handed Throw) is a part of the Professional Series, which not only looks great but also provides ball players with a quality piece of equipment that can serve them season after season. Almost every play on the field involves the catcher, and most plays will involve his catcher’s mitt. This mitt features a pocket and softer hinge that allow the player to make every catch and have the confidence to make every play from behind the plate.

Included in all Shoeless Joe Professional Series baseball gloves is XRD® foam for Extreme Impact Protection and ball-catching comfort. This foam provides additional protection and comfort for the player during the game.

The 34-inch diameter is suitable for players aged 12 and up and features a closed web catcher's mitt with a classic open back. The Special Aged Antique Tobacco Leather used in making the mitt is of top quality and is individually hand-cut and sewn, ensuring the highest level of craftsmanship. Investing in a Shoeless Joe 34 inch Catchers Mitt means investing in a piece of equipment that will last for years to come and provide the player with the confidence and tools needed to excel on the field.

One Year Warranty

4 Reviews

  • 5
    Awesome Catchers Glove at a Great Price

    Posted by Berti on Dec 5th 2019

    Awesome catchers glove ! This glove comes half way broke in and is a very durable piece of equipment . I use mine daily and have been for about 3 years now doing pitching lessons for pitchers ranging from 8 to 18+. Highly recommend this brand of catchers glove at a reasonable price .

  • 5
    Beautiful Old-School Cather's Glove

    Posted by Reggie on Feb 26th 2019

    My dad bought me a Nokona catcher's glove in the '60s to keep our pitchers from breaking my thumb. It was a thing of beauty---thick soft red-brown leather that broke in quickly and was a joy every time I saw it even more so when I caught with it. My hand safe I was free to really enjoy catching.This Shoeless Joe glove recaptures that aura of greatness. It is truly beautiful (well to a catcher at least) with a soft thick leather that you just don't see in gloves anymore. Smells incredible. It also is a deep reddish-brown---looks very much like the illustration. Out of the box it is game-ready---broken in nicely.Though it has a look and feel of an old-time catcher's glove it is functionally a terrific glove. A little thicker heavier than many newer gloves but there is protection and sturdiness in it that many modern styles lack. It really protects the hand but does not feel at all bulky to me. It has more of an open design---not a "fastback" or hand-hugger model. It does have a wrist guard...but it is well-shaped and placed---does not get in the way at all. My hands are average-sized probably a little slender for a catcher but the 34" glove does not feel too big for me. It feels...great. Like my lovely old Nokona.I use this glove to work with pitchers & catchers (as a HS coach)---I rarely have a fielder's glove on my hand---always a catcher's mitt. I'm going to love working with this one. I plan to pass it on to my son for when he plays catch with his own kids.I wanted one of these from the first time I saw a picture of it. Sometimes that results in disappointment when the real thing shows up. The opposite is true here---the glove is nicer than even the illustrations show; it surpassed my expectations.

  • 5
    Excellent quality broken in incredible customer service!

    Posted by Lolly on Feb 20th 2019

    Gorgeous mitt. Most importantly my husband LOVES this mitt - the most 'broken in' mitt he's ever had and it looks and feels great. Now he has no problem catching our daughter's fastballs!

  • 5
    No break in

    Posted by Cooper on Jan 24th 2019

    Great product