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Rawlings REV1X Fastpitch Softball Glove 12.25 X-Laced Basket Web White Right Hand Throw

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Rawlings REV1X Softball Glove: Revolutionize Your Game!

The ground-breaking REV1X series has arrived in the world of softball, bringing with it a new standard of performance and innovation. Designed specifically for fastpitch players, the REV1X features a versatile 12.25-inch 200 pattern, making it a comfortable choice for virtually any position on the field.

What sets the REV1X apart is not just its eye-catching design, but its exceptional construction. Rawlings has combined their legendary Heart of the Hide steer-hide leather palm and gusset with cutting-edge manufacturing techniques to create a defensive masterpiece. Through Carbon's Digital Light Synthesis™ (DLS™) method, we've incorporated a 3D-printed lattice structure in the thumb and pinky areas. This innovative approach replaces traditional wool padding, offering variable stiffness that stands the test of time. Say goodbye to floppy padding and hello to a glove that maintains the perfect balance of support and playability.

The advanced fabrication process not only enhances durability but also drastically reduces weight, giving you unparalleled feel and protection without compromise. The result? The REV1X 12.25-inch fastpitch glove sets a new standard for performance on the diamond.

Whether you're a pro, college athlete, high school player, or part of a 14U team, the REV1X is tailored to meet the demands of serious softball players. It boasts an Adaptive Fit Hand Opening and Fit, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit for players of all levels.

It's time to revolutionize your game and elevate your performance on the fastpitch field. Don't wait any longer - get your 12.25-inch REV1X fastpitch softball glove today!

Product Details:

  • Item #: RREV207SB-18W-RHT
  • Back: Adaptive Fit Hand Opening
  • Fit: Adaptive Fit
  • Level: Adult
  • Lining: Heart of the Hide Leather Palm & Lining
  • Padding: Carbon’s Digital Light Synthesis™ Lattice Structure Stabilizers in Thumb & Pinky
  • Pattern: 200
  • Player Break-In: 50
  • Series: REV1X
  • Shell: Engineered Multi-Layer Molded 3D Back
  • Sport: Softball
  • Throwing Hand: Right
  • Usage: Gloves
  • Web: Basket
  • Age Group: Pro/College, High School, 14U