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Rawlings Pro Label 7 Element Series 11.5 Baseball Glove Grey Right Hand Throw

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The Rawlings Pro Label Series: an extraordinary collection that pays homage to the elemental forces that shape the game we love. Representing the seventh installment, the Elements Series comprises Artic, Carbon, Earth, Fire, Ice, Lunar, Sand, and Storm. Each glove in this series is a testament to the raw power and finesse required to excel in the field.

Among these, the Ice Infield Glove stands out as a symbol of unyielding composure under pressure. Its striking Columbia Blue colorway exudes an ice-cold aura, announcing to everyone on the field that you possess the calmness of an unshaken pro. When the stakes are high, this glove ensures you're ready for any challenge.

Crafted from the renowned Heart of the Hide steerhide leather, this limited-edition glove embodies the pinnacle of premium quality. This leather is celebrated worldwide for its durability, flexibility, and undeniable performance, making it a cherished choice of professional players across generations.

The glove's 200-pattern infield design, coupled with the I-Web, demonstrates its thoughtful engineering. This configuration, favored by elite infielders, allows for seamless movements and lightning-fast transfers—key attributes in making those game-changing plays.

What truly sets the Pro Label Elements Series apart are the refined details. The leather oval-R and Rawlings patch on the shell back add a touch of elegance, distinguishing these gloves in any dugout. It's a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail that go into creating each piece in this exceptional series.

Connect with the essence of the game in its purest form with the Rawlings Pro Label Elements Series Ice Infield Glove. It's not just a glove; it's a statement of unwavering resolve in the face of any challenge, and a tribute to the elemental forces that define the sport we hold dear. Elevate your game with a glove that's as exceptional as your passion for baseball.