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Rawlings Mantra Plus -11 Fastpitch Softball Bat 32 inch 21 oz

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The Rawlings Mantra Plus Fastpitch Softball Bat, a cutting-edge bat designed for elite-level hitters who demand maximum performance and power at the plate. This bat incorporates advanced technologies and a meticulous construction process to deliver unrivaled results.

The Mantra Plus features In/Tense Carbon Composite construction, where the composite materials are strategically positioned and fully engineered to maximize the barrel size while maintaining the lowest possible compression. This design allows for an expansive sweet spot and optimal trampoline effect, translating into increased power and distance on every hit.

With Zero Loss Technology, the connection joint between the barrel and handle is strengthened, ensuring added durability and a smooth transition during the swing. This technology minimizes energy loss and maximizes power transfer, giving hitters a consistent and powerful performance.

The Mantra Plus also boasts a revolutionary Three Step Inner Barrel system. This innovative design allows for the most flexible outer shell while maintaining the structural integrity of the bat. The result is a bat that delivers exceptional performance, generating explosive hits and maximizing the ball's exit velocity.

Tuned Balance Performance is another key feature of the Mantra Plus. The bat is optimized with a high flex handle and a low compression barrel, creating a finely tuned balance that enhances the hitter's swing mechanics. This combination allows for maximum bat speed and control, giving elite-level hitters the tools they need to excel at the plate.

The Mantra Plus is characterized by an evenly balanced weight distribution, ensuring a smooth and controlled swing. This feature allows hitters to maintain their bat speed and adjust their swings as needed, making it an ideal choice for players who value consistency and versatility.

The Rawlings Mantra Plus Fastpitch Softball Bat is next level bat designed for elite-level hitters seeking maximum performance and power. With its In/Tense Carbon Composite construction, Zero Loss Technology, Three Step Inner Barrel system, and tuned balance performance, this bat is engineered to deliver exceptional results. Step up to the plate with the Rawlings Mantra Plus and experience the difference it makes in your game.