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Rawlings Horween Heart of the Hide 11.5 Inch RV Web Baseball Glove Right Hand Throw

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Clean looking Rawlings PRO200 infield model in this Horween winter collection.

  • 11.5 Inch
  • 200 Pattern
  • Slimmed RV Single Post Web
  • Horween Tan Shell
  • Horween Tan Lining
  • Red Stitch
  • Red Ebroidery
  • Split Grey Welting
  • Padded thumb



Designed by @picklethebeast417


Questions for Jay:


Q.  Why did you choose this baseball glove and design?

A.   One of the asks coming out of the success of the T1D v2 @405baseball and I designed a few years ago was to do an all tan version. Since I helped create the slimmed hinged single post web with Rawlings glove engineers, any opportunity to use it is a good one! I think this glove is a perfect Horween gamer with a unique look that is sure to turn heads. 


Q.  How long have you been in interested in baseball and baseball gloves and back story of why?

A.  Since I was old enough to play the game, I've always been interested in baseball gloves. As a kid, our family couldn't afford much in terms of equipment, and my twin brother and I would instead study gear by collecting baseball cards. I always vowed that when I got older, I would devote part of my time (turns out, a LOT of my time) to gathering as much substantive knowledge and expertise on gloves as possible and pass on what I learned to others. I am so thankful for the opportunities that social media has given me to connect with so many like-minded glove lovers over the past few years, it has really been one of the best experiences of my life. 


Q.  First baseball glove or glove memory?

A.  The first baseball glove I remember from my childhood was a Rawlings 11" black basket web, an RGB90B, signed by everyone's favorite player, Ken Griffey, Jr. It was purchased from a warehouse store in the 80s, and although my brother won the coin flip for it since could only afford one at the time, my parents were able to acquire one for me later that I cherished for many years.  


Q.  Favorite glove in collection that would never trade?

A.   I have a test model for a special charity glove I had made a few years ago constructed partially of real denim and handmade in St. Louis. The actual model raised $2,620 for the Sam Fuld T1D Sports Camp, and the test model will stay with me forever.


Q.  Any memory of buying from / Don Morton Sports in the past or favorite DMS model?

A.  Although there have been many, my absolute favorite DMS model was an 11.5" PRO200-6 from 2013. 



rawlings sporting goods  horween leather



instagram.jpg@glovepatrol photo and description


Rawlings hoh
11.5" hinged single-post web
don morton sports exclusive
steerhide (horween)
EOLL29 (jul 2022)

sometimes i don't have much to say about a glove . . not a bad thing, it's just that i've probably covered what i have to say in another post. sometimes i can't help but shut up about a glove and it becomes a catalyst for a bunch of other thoughts. glove fission. this pro204-rv lands in the latter category. a provocative offering, a lot to think and say about it right out of the box.

I'll start with looks. this batch of horween tan turned out particularly rich & deep in tone. when viewed in profile, the glove appears brand-anonymous and shows off that single cut of horween from thumb to middle finger. the hinged single-post web? yeah, you already know. the red oval logo on the wrist is just so out-of-the-ordinary cool. i think that's the head turner here. the red stitching rounds everything out.

the stiffness . . everything is dry and rigid. love it.

I had to tighten the wrist a notch and in doing so i realized a couple of things. one, i need to buy a proper lacing needle. but i also discovered something else with the wrist left untied . . i can easily close this still-stiff glove as though it were broken in, with the natural hinge-points, and casually work the palm closure without forcing anything. i'm going to try doing this on new gloves from now on.

I've become a fan of using shell leather for the palm liner. i like the grip on the hand, the toothy grain. i'll sometimes spring for the feel of the deer-tanned liner but i think i prefer the stability of the former.

What a beautiful glove. props to @ball__gloves and @picklethebeast417 for delivering once again. if i had to sum up this rambling post, i would invite this glove to a party and it would no doubt be the center of attention.


2 Reviews

  • 5

    Posted by Brian on Nov 6th 2022

    Can’t say enough good things about this glove. Such a unique look with the oval R and red stitching, along with the RV web. This Horween will last 10+ years! Such a tank. Well done!

  • 5
    Unique design with features that will stand the test of time

    Posted by Jerry on Nov 3rd 2022

    Amazing features and quality of this glove. I wish the wrist was wool padded, but it is not a deal breaker