Rawlings Heart The Hide 11.25 Inch PRO312-2CR Baseball Glove Right Hand Throw

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Patterns specifically developed for elite softball players Patented Dual Core breakpoints cut into the inner palm Palm lining same as shell for consistent break-in and pocket formation Tennessee Tanning rawhide leather laces Padded thumb sleeve. Constructed from Rawlings' world-renowned Heart of the Hide steer leather, Heart of the Hide gloves feature the game-day patterns of the top Rawlings Advisory Staff players. These high quality gloves have defined the careers of those deemed as the finest in the field and are are available to elite athletes looking to join the next class of defensive greats. - Narrow Fit - 11.25 Inch Model - Pro I Web - Conventional Open Back - Padded Thumb Sleeve - Tennessee Tanning Rawhide Leather Laces - Constructed From the Top 5% of All Hides Available - Deertanned Cowhide Plus Palm Lining - Soft Full-Grain Fingerback Linings - Heart of the Hide Steer Leather.