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Rawlings Heart of the Hide R2G 3039 Baseball Glove Camel Tan 12.75 Right Hand Throw

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The Rawlings R2G Series Gloves are expertly crafted using the same Heart of the Hide® leather, ensuring exceptional quality and durability. Designed to provide game-ready performance right out of the box, these gloves undergo an additional 25% factory break-in, reducing the time needed for player break-in and allowing for immediate on-field action.

With a focus on outfielders, these gloves are equipped with a deeper pocket and a Pro-H™ Web. This combination allows outfielders to track the path of high-flying balls with ease, providing the confidence needed to secure pop-ups and make crucial catches.

The Ready 2 Go Construction of these gloves includes several key features. Constructed from the top 5% of cowhides available, the Heart of the Hide® Leather ensures exceptional durability and a premium feel. The full-grain fingerback lining adds to the overall quality and comfort of the glove.

The redesigned heel pad of the R2G Series Gloves enhances the ease of closing the glove, facilitating quick and efficient ball transfers. The narrow fitting profile offers a more contoured fit, catering to players with skinnier hands.

Incorporating pro-style patterns, these gloves are modeled after the preferences of elite players, delivering a superior feel and optimal performance. The addition of a padded thumb sleeve enhances comfort, providing extra protection during intense gameplay.

To keep players comfortable and focused, the Thermoformed Wrist Lining is designed to wick away excess moisture and accelerate airflow. This feature aids in maintaining a cool and dry feel throughout extended periods of play.