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Rawlings Heart of the Hide PRO12TC-JT Baseball Glove Right Hand Throw

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The Rawlings Heart of the Hide Pro12TC baseball glove in beautiful Japan Tan Heart of the Hide Tan leather is a true testament to craftsmanship and quality. This particular model, available exclusively at, boasts a PRO12TC design crafted from Rawlings renowned leather. The rich, lustrous tan shell is a nod to the glove's high-quality materials and attention to detail.

Measuring 12 inches in length, the Pro12TC features a Trap-eeze Web, providing both versatility and control on the field. The glove is accentuated with a Grey Split Welt, adding a touch of sophistication to its appearance. The meticulous stitching and detailing showcase the dedication Rawlings puts into creating a glove that not only performs exceptionally well but also stands out in terms of aesthetics.

This glove has been made famous by legendary shortstop Ozzie Smith, who was renowned for his exceptional fielding skills and his preference for Rawlings gloves. The Pro12TC embodies the excellence and precision that players like Ozzie Smith demand from their equipment.

In the world of baseball, where performance and style converge, the Rawlings Pro12TC in Japan Tan Heart of the Hide Tan leather stands out as a symbol of quality and tradition. Whether you're a seasoned professional or an aspiring player, this glove promises to deliver the performance and comfort needed to excel on the diamond, all while paying homage to the rich heritage of the game. has earned a reputation for consistently delivering on the demands of baseball players by offering a curated selection of high-quality gloves that cater to the diverse needs of ball players.

6 Reviews

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    Posted by Jeff P on Apr 12th 2024

    This glove is beautiful. I have 2 Horween gloves, a Don Mortons Pro1000-HC (2019) and a Rawlings ProLabel pro204w-2ht both are spectacular and were difficult to break in, the 204 is still stiff. I was intrigued by this japan tan version of the 12TC and the indication of this version being more true to size than the previous Horween versions. The glove does have a wider rounder form vs being narrow and longer. It will definitely break in faster than Horween as it is a softer leather but will hopefully have good durability (I didnt really want to break in another Horween glove). The finger stalls are more narrow than the Pro1000 while the finger layout is balanced with what should be a wide deeper pocket. It feels great on hand but I will ultimately loosen the wrist strap. Seems like it will play wider than the pro1000. My only gripe is that this version comes with the thermo-form foam wrist liner which I've never had, I would prefer the wool liner...Ill see how I end up liking it.

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    Great shape

    Posted by Mike on Mar 31st 2024

    The shape on this version 12tc is more true to the old made in USA gloves from back in the day. Its round and wide. For some reason the previous horween releases were long and narrow but they seemed to have fixed it on this one. Nice and pillowy padding too.

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    Ozzie Smith Glove

    Posted by Takashi Miyoshi on Mar 6th 2024

    This is what I was looking for long long time. Thanks for getting me my favorite glove!!

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    Absolutely Great!

    Posted by Matt on Jan 18th 2024

    I had previously bought the PRO 12TCH that sold a few years ago. I liked it but it was longer than my OG PRO 12TC from the mid 90s. This new one seems to be the same size as the OG and is an incredible glove! Thanks for making these old school gloves with great new leather! Fast shipping too!

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    Six Finger Glove

    Posted by Mark Lazar on Dec 17th 2023

    Thought it would be Horween leather but still great pocket is slanted like ones early 90’s Don Morton’s sixes has deeper pocket I like both, my first six was 1959 keep up the good work especially Horween gloves

  • 5

    Posted by Dennis W Cassidy on Dec 5th 2023

    Beautiful,well designed and the perfect glove for me!