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Rawlings Heart of the Hide Black Horween PRO1000HC Baseball Glove 12 inch Right Hand Throw

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The Rawlings PRO1000HB Black Horween Heart of the Hide Baseball Glove is 12 inches. Made with Horween Heart of Hide leather. Stiff with break in needed. 12 inch pattern and H Web makes this glove a excellent short stop or third base mitt. Made in the Phillipines. This Rawlings baseball glove is a pro model with pro performance. World renowed Heart of the Hide leather for unmatched durability. Crafted from authentic Rawlings Pro patterns. Produced by the world finest Rawlings glove technicians. Soft full grain leather palm and finger back lining provide exemplary comfort. USA tanned leather lacing for durability.

6 Reviews

  • 5
    Great glove

    Posted by Steve on Jun 14th 2022

    Great glove and great glove pattern. Definitely on the heavier side (mine was 1 lb 7oz or about 660g). Leather had that wonderful new leather smell that hit me as soon as I opened the package. Can't see why anyone would get an Arenado PRO12/206 when this glove in Horween is available. These Horween Rawlings gloves will probably be going for $300+ in the near future so get one while you can.

  • 5
    Rawlings Pro1000 HC Horween

    Posted by Absolute Classic on Mar 14th 2022

    Such an awesome glove. There’s just no comparison to these classic Horween leather beauties. They last forever, and maintain a solid, confidence -inspiring feeling for years of play. (I’ve got 30 year old versions to prove it). Impeccably constructed. Delivered super fast and arrived in perfect condition. Ideal glove for third base, but also great at shortstop. Utility size of 12” makes it suitable for outfield and softball as well. The only con is these gloves come rock hard and take some work to break in. They are tanks. But once broken in properly they maintain their shape and structure for ages. Amazingly, the price at BALLGLOVES .com is no more than most standard high quality gloves, and less than quite a few! Get one while you can.

  • 5

    Posted by FAM on Jan 30th 2022

    The PRO1000 is my favorite pattern of all time.. 12” and H-Web classic feel is the best on the INF in my opinion. However, this edition released by Don Morton and his team stole the show. I have several pro grade gloves ranging from Pro Preferred to Heart of the Hide. The quality of leather on this is unmatched. One night of solid mallet work and it was ready to go the next day and formed to my hand line no other. If you’re a 3B who moves around the INF from inning to inning this isn’t a recommendation, this is a MUST HAVE item. The ball sticks to that pocket straight out of the box and any ball player will tell you that’s HUGE. I’ll be gaming this on my hardball and softball teams. Keep in mind I’m in my mid 30s and this glove makes me feel like a 9 year old on Christmas morning. Amazing, thanks for everything! Grab this masterpiece!

  • 5
    Screams QUALITY

    Posted by John Moraski on Jan 12th 2022

    Everything about this transaction was 5 stars. I love this site and its apparent the owner KNOWS baseball softball. Great promotions and great products. I have used Pro Preferred, A2000, and A2K, and none felt- looked-smelled as high quality as this glove. Its the nicest glove I have put on and is my new favorite, which is saying something. I also own a tan Horween HoH catchers mitt that is a tank and extremely high quality, but I think this black leather is even a little stiffer. Was expecting the glove to feel a little bigger at 12 inch, to me it feels only marginally bigger than my 11.5 inch A2000 1786. This is in no way a complaint, just an observation and my opinion may change as the pocket deepens throughout the break-in process. It does not feel overly heavy either. I am very much looking forward to the break in process, and I do not believe you will find more bang for your buck than right here with this Rawlings x Horween collaboration.

  • 5
    Surpassed my expectations

    Posted by Brent on Oct 21st 2021

    I’ve never handled a Horween glove until now, and all I can say is wow! I have a lot of high end gloves that I’ll occasionally rotate, I think this glove just became my go to. It is stiff, but with just a little mallet work it’s really loosened up. I only have one other glove (A2K) that truly feels like an extension of my arm, but this glove felt that way straight out of the box.

  • 5
    Glove of my Dreams!

    Posted by Matt C on Sep 28th 2021

    This is a one of a kind piece of leather. From the quality, build, feel and smell everything about this screams high quality. Stock on the shelf HoH gloves are not in the same class as this horween HoH. The pro1000 pattern is incredible and is perfect for the 3B/Utility man (the perfect balance of being deep but not too deep).

    This is the type of glove I used to dream about when I was a kid. Thanks to Don Mortons and for making the child inside me come out again in my thirties!

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