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Nokona X2 Elite X2-V1250C Fast Pitch Softball Glove Right Hand Throw 12.5

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X2-V1250C-Right Handed Throw
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X2 Elite Fast Pitch Softball Glove 12.5 inches Chocolate lace. Nokona Elite performance ready for play position specific series designed with specific fastpitch patterns. The X2 Buckaroo is made with Nokona proprietary top grain stampede steerhide and kangaroo leathers so that minimal break in is need, but the glove has great structure and maintains its shape. For elite fastpitch players who are looking the the perfect combination of top quality and highest performance. Nokona’s elite performance, ready-for-play, position-specific series. The X2 Elite™ is made with Nokona’s proprietary top-grain Stampede™ Steerhide and Kangaroo leathers, for a light-weight and game-ready glove. The perfect combination of top quality and high performance.
  • Position: Infield/Outfield
  • Adult
  • Baseball & Softball
  • 12.5" Pattern
  • Closed Web
  • Velcro Back
  • Leather: Kangaroo & Stampede Steerhide
  • One Year Warranty
  • Handcrafted with Pride in the USA
One Year Warranty

6 Reviews

  • 5
    Amazing quality - made in the USA

    Posted by Author on Sep 18th 2019

    This is all I buy for the G-kids. American made quality. Not an over-priced

  • 5
    Great Glove

    Posted by Author on Apr 19th 2019

    I bought this glove for my ten year old great grand daughter. She used it for a few games last year. She has used it for pitching practice and seven games this season. She loves it and plays well using it. After a game this week I asked her to see her glove. I wanted to check if there were any problems. There weren't any. As a side note I asked where her name was on the glove. She explained it wasn't. I asked why not? She naively said "no one else has one like it."

  • 4
    Second best glove I've ever owned

    Posted by Author on Oct 28th 2018

    I don't know what I can say here. Nokona makes the best gloves in the world and this is no different. Amazing

  • 5
    Awesome glove

    Posted by Author on Apr 15th 2018

    We purchased this for our daughter who has one of the Nokona catching gloves. The catching glove was VERY tough to break in. This glove is quite supple and easy to manage during the first use. We did purchase some of the Nokona glove treatement and have used this along with always storing the glove wrapped. VERY nice glove-worth the money if your daughter is serious about the game. I'm thinking our daughter will get years out of it given the craftsmanship.

  • 5
    It's worth the money !

    Posted by Author on Mar 21st 2018

    Can't say enough about this glove. Don't let the price stop you. I'm now a Nokona only buyer.

  • 5
    Great seller

    Posted by Author on Jan 19th 2017

    Great glove and great company. Not a knock off and shipped good as well.