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Nokona SKN Series 11.5 Inch SKN-6-RY Baseball Glove Right Hand Throw

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11.5" Infield Pattern I-Web Palm Leather American Bison, Back Leather Japanese CalfSKN Conventional Open Back Minimal Break-In Needed ntroducing the all new SKN series from Nokona, a unique combination of Nokona's proprietary American Bison and Japanese CalfSKN. SKN series gloves are lightweight and highly structured for professional, college and elite players at all levels. Manufactured using 65% USA labor with 60% American Bison leather and 40% Japanese CalfSNK leather. American Bison leather is similar in strength to Nokona's Steerhide leathers, has a distinct grain and is flexible and soft for easy break-in. Nokona's CalfSKN leather comes from specialty-tanned Japanese CalfSKN that has very tight fibers and fine pores. The SKN series gloves come with a manufacturer's warranty from Nokona. - 11.5 Inch Model - I Web - Lightweight and highly structured - Weight: 505g - Some player break-in required - 60% American Bison leather and 40% Japanese CalfSNK leather - Manufacturer's warranty