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Nokona Bloodline Pro 11.5 inch P6I Baseball Glove Right Hand Throw

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11.50 Inch Pattern Infielder Glove Kangaroo Leather Shell Combines Superior Durability With Outstanding Structure Lightweight Feel. The Nokona Bloodline is back with a completely re-engineered construction! Just like the previous Bloodline Series models, the Bloodline Pro offers players a high-quality baseball glove that is highly structured but now with an extremely lightweight feel! The highlight of this series lies in the elite-level materials that Nokona chose for its construction. By utilizing their proprietary Range Kangaroo Leather for the entire shell, players receive one of the strongest, most durable leathers in the world - without the bulky weight you get with many high-end gloves. Another new feature to the Bloodline Series is the interior padding system that has been strategically placed in the glove to provide better structure, season-long durability, and confidence-building protection. Currently, the Bloodline Pro can be seen on the hand of young Major League Stars Tyler Saladino and Kevin Siegrist. Nokona: America's Pastime. American Made. This Nokona Bloodline Pro Baseball Glove (P6I) features an 11.50-inch pattern, an I-web, and is the perfect choice for middle infielders. Plus, all Nokona gloves are proudly made right here in the USA down in Nocona, TX. We're here for you from click to catch!.