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Nokona Alpha Baseball Glove 11.25 inch I Web (Right Hand Throw)

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AB-1125I-Right Hand Throw
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Nokona Alpha Baseball Glove 11.25 inch I Web (Right Hand Throw) : The Nokona Alpha series has been expanded to include full-sized baseball patterns. This performance series is made with top-of-the-line Stampede and Buffalo leathers for top travel, high-school, college, and pro players. The combination of these two proprietary leathers makes Alpha gloves light weight and ready for play with minimal need for break-in, and provides ideal structure and balance. A new-generation, full grain, full oil, performance Steerhide that creates a ready-for-play glove. First introduced by Nokona in 2014, Stampede leathers presence within their line is quickly expanding due to its unique performance features and growing popularity. This proprietary leather is renowned for its flexibility and light weight, while retaining its shape and fit. The history of the buffalo and its status as an American icon make this leather and glove a true American
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