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Mizuno No Show Performance Socks (White, Small)

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Mizuno No Show Performance Socks (White, Small) : The Mizuno No Show Performance Socks are a new sock from Mizuno for 2010 that provides a sockless look yet performs at the highest level possible, thanks to Mizunos innovative moisture management technologies. The No Show Performance Socks feature Mizuno Drylite moisture management material throughout, which helps wick moisture away from the foot to the outer layers of the sock, evaporating moisture quickly and efficiently. This leaves the foot dry, creating a comfortable fit that allows athletes to compete harder and longer than ever before. Mizuno has also been able to add strategic padding to the No Show Performance Sock, which allows for improved performance and cushioning without adding any bulk. These socks are available in black and white colors and feature a CottonSpandexPolyurethaneNylon makeup.
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