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Marucci Cypress Series 2024 M TYPE 43A2 11.50 Baseball Glove I Web Right Hand Throw

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The Marucci Cypress line of baseball gloves is a high-quality collection designed to offer players exceptional comfort feel and durability. Key among its features is the M Type fit system which includes integrated thumb and pinky sleeves with enhanced thumb stall cushioning. This innovative design maximizes both comfort and feel ensuring that players can perform at their best. The materials used in the construction of the Cypress gloves further contribute to their outstanding performance. The back shell leather of the glove is crafted from Japan Steerhide a premium leather known for its durability and ruggedness. This leather provides the gloves with excellent structure while offering the necessary toughness to withstand intense gameplay. Similar to the back shell the palm shell leather is also sourced from Japan Steerhide. By utilizing this high-quality leather Marucci ensures that the gloves maintain their structure and durability throughout prolonged use. This combination of structure and durability is crucial for players who demand a glove that can handle the demands of the game. The palm lining of the Cypress gloves is made from smooth cowhide offering a luxurious feel and enhancing overall comfort. This lining not only provides a soft and comfortable touch but also helps improve grip and feel during catching and fielding. The finger lining of the gloves is also crafted from smooth cowhide ensuring durability and longevity. This choice of material enhances the gloves' ability to withstand the wear and tear associated with regular use maintaining their shape and performance over time. The fit of the Cypress gloves is designed to be professional-grade providing players with a snug and secure feel. Marucci's attention to detail in design and construction ensures that the gloves fit well allowing for maximum control and responsiveness on the field. To enhance comfort and protection the Cypress gloves feature extra-smooth sheepskin lining with added high-density foam finger stall cushioning. This combination provides a luxurious feel while offering additional support and padding in the finger area. The gloves are equipped with moisture-wicking mesh wrist lining which helps keep the hands cool and dry during extended play. The inclusion of dual-density memory foam padding in the wrist area adds an extra layer of comfort and protection minimizing the impact of catching hard-hit balls. Marucci has equipped the Cypress line with professional-grade rawhide laces to enhance durability. These laces offer maximum tear resistance ensuring that the gloves maintain their shape and structure even after repeated use.

Marucci 2024 Cypress and Capitol Baseball Glove and First Base and Catchers Mitts - Ballgloves