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Marucci Cat X VANTA Composite -10 Baseball Bat 2.75 Barrel 29 inch 19 oz

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Introducing the CATX VANTA COMPOSITE SENIOR LEAGUE -10: Pinnacle of Darkness and Speed

Incorporating the deepest hue of black, the CATX VANTA COMPOSITE SENIOR LEAGUE -10 embodies the essence of unparalleled velocity.

A contemporary, polished appearance serves as an assertion of participation at the highest level. Its established prestige ensures a reign that will span the ages.

The meticulously refined barrel profile yields a touch more equilibrium, enhancing players' capacity to generate swifter swing velocities while preserving the expansiveness of composite barrels. Powered by the S-40 composite handle, energy transmission from player to ball is optimized, translating into enhanced performance. The groundbreaking outer-locking system (OLS) leaves virtually no room for vibrations upon contact, paving the way for an unmatched, commanding swing.

Fine-Tuned Barrel Profiles: Crafted to perfection, these profiles strike a delicate balance, facilitating athletes in achieving accelerated swing speeds while retaining the expanse of composite barrels.

Two-Piece Composite Construction: A lengthened barrel boasting an expanded sweet spot, engineered to amplify performance. Mid-Balanced Barrel: An equilibrium achieved, designed with a medium M.O.I. suitable for players across the spectrum, ensuring peak performance. Balance Point: Skillfully adjusted to introduce a subtle equilibrium.

Multi-Directional Composite: The barrel comes to life with an ultra-responsive architecture, constructed through multi-directional layers, resonating with each hit.

OLS Connection: A revolutionary design forms a connection from the exterior to the interior, forging the most rigid link imaginable. This innovation renders vibrations nearly non-existent upon contact, resulting in an exceptionally robust and fluid swing.

S-40 Composite Handle: Engineered for stiffness, this construction expedites energy transfer from athlete to ball, yielding elevated performance.

Ring-Free Barrel Construction: Empowering flexibility within the barrel, this construction eliminates any "dead" zones, ensuring consistent, amplified performance.

Custom-Molded Handle Taper: Meticulously contoured for every weight variant, this ergonomic taper establishes an impeccable union between athlete and bat. Designed for effortless customization to align with athletes’ preferences.

Micro-Perforated Soft-Touch Grip: Elevating sensory perception and mastery, this soft and adhesive grip heightens both feel and control.

Included with the CATX VANTA COMPOSITE is a 1.75mm black grip, setting a standard of excellence. Minor deviations in grip weight and manufacturing are feasible, adding to the individuality of each bat. Boasting a 2 3/4" barrel, the bat holds the esteemed USSSA 1.15 BPF certification. A comprehensive one-year warranty accompanies this testament to quality.

Within the realm of profound obsidian, the CATX VANTA COMPOSITE SENIOR LEAGUE -10 emerges as an embodiment of velocity, culminating in a fusion of darkness and swiftness that transcends the ordinary.