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Marucci Cat X VANTA -5 Baseball Bat 2.75 Barrel 31 inch 26 oz

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Presenting the CATX VANTA SENIOR LEAGUE -5: Defining Swiftness in the Darkest Shade

Incorporating the deepest ebony, the CATX VANTA SENIOR LEAGUE -5 encapsulates a realm of unrivaled speed.

A sleek, modern aesthetic boldly proclaims its presence, leaving no doubt about the intentions of those who wield it. With an established reputation, its reign is destined to span the ages.

The meticulously refined barrel profile not only expands the hitting surface but also amplifies overall performance. This is complemented by a design geared for equilibrium, igniting swifter and more agile swings. The innovation extends further, as the knob houses an optimal dose of liquid-gel, creating a seamless, solid sensation upon impact, as vibrations are quelled and absorbed like never before.

Heightened Production Precision: Enhanced tolerances during production permit the barrels to stretch to maximum limits, translating to greater surface area and amplified overall performance.

Unified Alloy Construction: A one-piece alloy design ensures a consistent, clean, and traditional swing feel. Precision Balanced Barrel: Enabling precision and control, the barrel is meticulously balanced for a reduced M.O.I.

Liquid-Gel Dampening Knob: Powered by patent-pending technology, this feature accommodates an optimal liquid-gel blend. It deftly reduces vibrations and absorbs impacts, delivering a seamless, solid encounter upon contact.

AZR Aluminum: Forged from this responsive and robust alloy, the CATX VANTA evokes improved tactile feedback, forgiveness, and elevated performance. Multi-Variable Wall Design: Amplifying the sweet spot and thinning the walls, this innovation results in greater forgiveness for off-center hits. Ring-Free Barrel Construction: Flexibility thrives within this construction, enhancing performance by eradicating "dead" zones.

Custom-Molded Handle Taper: Thoughtfully sculpted for each weight variant, the ergonomic taper establishes a harmonious connection between athlete and bat. Designed for effortless customization to align with athletes' preferences.

Micro-Perforated Soft-Touch Grip: Elevating the tactile experience, this soft and adhesive grip heightens both sensation and mastery.

The CATX VANTA arrives equipped with a standard 1.75mm black grip, emblematic of excellence. Minor fluctuations in grip weight and manufacturing are plausible, enhancing the uniqueness of each bat. With a 2 3/4" barrel, the bat boasts the esteemed USSSA 1.15 BPF certification. Standing as a testament to durability, a comprehensive one-year warranty accompanies this embodiment of quality.

In a realm cloaked in profound obsidian, the CATX VANTA SENIOR LEAGUE -5 emerges as an epitome of speed, establishing an extraordinary fusion of darkness and swiftness.