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Marucci Cat X VANTA -10 Baseball Bat 2.75 Barrel 28 inch 18 oz

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Introducing the CATX VANTA SENIOR LEAGUE -10: Unmatched Speed in the Deepest Black

Unveiling the epitome of sleekness and performance, the CATX VANTA SENIOR LEAGUE -10 showcases the determination of true contenders. Its legacy is destined to endure, built upon a reputation of excellence.

Crafted with meticulous precision, the barrel profile of this bat maximizes contact surface and overall performance, accompanied by a meticulously balanced design that ignites swifter swings. The incorporation of a proprietary liquid-gel infusion within the knob sets a new standard, delivering an unparalleled sensation of smooth impact by expertly dampening and absorbing vibrations.

Pioneering the realm of production standards, our tightened tolerances grant the barrel diameters the liberty to stretch to their fullest, harnessing expanded contact area and heightened performance.

Formed from a single alloy construction, the CATX VANTA presents a timeless and consistent swing feel. A barrel meticulously balanced for precision engenders a reduced M.O.I., empowering precision and command.

Groundbreaking liquid-gel dampening resides within the knob, an innovation awaiting patent. This revolutionary feature boasts an optimal liquid-gel blend, orchestrating the symphony of reduced vibrations and enhanced solidity upon contact.

The utilization of AZR Aluminum, an alloy both responsive and durable, elevates the bat's tactile feedback, forgiveness, and overall performance. The architecture of the bat's barrel embraces a multi-variable wall design, expanding the sweet spot and ensuring forgiveness even with off-center hits.

Embracing a ring-free barrel construction, the CATX VANTA thrives on flex, eliminating any "dead" spots that could hinder performance. The bespoke handle taper, sculpted for every weight drop, enhances fit, control, and the profound connection between athlete and bat. This design is effortlessly adjustable, accommodating athletes' preferences at will.

The micro-perforated soft-touch grip underscores superior sensation and command, boasting a tactile, adhesive quality.

Included with the CATX VANTA is a sleek black 1.75mm grip, adhering to the highest standards. Slight deviations in grip weight and manufacturing are a possibility, adding to the uniqueness of each bat. Featuring a 2 3/4" barrel, the bat is fully certified with a USSSA 1.15 BPF rating. A comprehensive one-year warranty is included, solidifying the commitment to enduring quality.

In a realm of deep black, the CATX VANTA SENIOR LEAGUE -10 emerges as an unrivaled force, embodying both swiftness and supremacy.