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Louisville Slugger WBVM110-NG Wood Baseball Bat (32 inch)

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WBVM110-NG-32 inch
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Louisville Slugger WBVM110-NG Wood Baseball Bat (32 inch) : This Louisville Slugger Wood Baseball Bat M110 MLB Prime Maple is made out of Veneer Maple Wood, giving you a bat that is built for power and performance with the dense, hard timber that maple provides. Maple is also known for being the least prone to flaking wood bat on the market. Louisville Slugger says they built these bats Amish Strong, which means they used the way of the Amish by cutting the wood square and using an extremely precise vacuum-drying method to dry the wood. Combine the Amish craftsmanship, the 360-degree compression and the advanced finish system that is unmatched and what's the result A ridiculously strong and durable bat with a hard hitting surface, no soft spots and a crack that pros like Curtis Granderson want Made with a medium-sized barrel, 1 inch handle and a cupped end. Enjoy the slick look of this bat with its natural high gloss finish.
One Year Warranty