Louisville Slugger MLBM9YBH Youth Maple Baseball Bat (28 Inch)

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MLBM9YBH-28 Inch
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Louisville Slugger Youth Maple Wood Bat. Black Handle Hornsby Barrel. Cupped M9. Learn to hit with wood with this Louisville Slugger Youth Maple Baseball Bat. Maple is a closed-grained timber with a structure similar to layers in a laminate product. This makes the bat less prone to flake than an ash bat and allows for a maple bat to be more durable. Maple is a very dense timber with a greater surface hardness than ash. Some players believe this hardness gives them better performance. The heavier weight of maple makes it difficult to make lightweight large barrel models. Most players who use maple use a model with a small barrel to get the bat weight they desire. When a maple bat breaks, it tends to snap in half rather than just splinter like ash.
One Year Warranty