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Joe Lee JLK Series 11.5 Cross Web Baseball Glove Tan Right Hand Throw

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  • Soft Premium Leather
  • Tennessee Tanning Company's leather Laces


JOE LEE History

Starting with the establishment of President Lee Kwang-joe's baseball glove factory in Busan in 1967, the history of Korean baseball gloves began. After he left us, there were difficult times due to the advancement of the Chinese manufacturing industry, the IMF financial crisis, and COVID-19, but the family that supported CEO Lee Kwang Joe's willingness to produce global baseball gloves and the employees who grew up as senior craftsmen became families of Kimhae Industrial.  JOE LEE began in his honor in 1990 when he left us. His spirit runs from Joe to wife and from wife to son, and his son founded JOE LEE Sports in 2022. 

JOE LEE baseball gloves are loved by many famous professional players for their excellence in quality.


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