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JL Glove Co Baseball Glove DR03 Two Piece Closed 11.75 Inch 0522 Right Hand Throw

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J.L. Glove Company combines beautiful design, professional quality material and demanding performance rigors to make the best baseball gloves available to competitive players. Founded and based in Austin, Texas. The gloves are constructed from select American Kip leather chrome tanned in Japan. Fur wrist liner for comfort and moisture management.

The DR 03 has a medium-deep pocket depth that makes for a perfect glove around the field. The DR 03 features a medium depth pocket. With a true thumb to pinky close, the DR03 allows the rangy player to size up and still enjoy a nimble ball transfer around the infield.

The J.L. Glove Company started with a vision shared by brothers Jeremy and Tyson Spring, two men raised in love with the game of baseball, obsessive about design that makes the game more beautiful, the player more confident, and the outs more plentiful. J.L. Glove Company are players, coaches, parents, designers, and baseball men. The J.L. Glove Company motto is 27 Outs. Go get One.