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EvoShield MLB Batters Speed Stripe Elbow Guard Grey Adult

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The protective batter's Elbow guard features a redesigned covering offering a durable surface with a fresh look for original patterns and dynamic colors
  • Custom-molding, Gel-To-Shell technology, and a quick release pull-tab for easy-on, easy-off feel without sacrificing the lock tight hold
  • Shield begins soft but transforms to hard and protective in minutes. Molds to fit left or right handed hitters
  • Impact is dispersed, not absorbed
  • MLB Authentic product
Founded in 2005, EvoShield is a company created by athletes and authentic individuals to build products that keep athletes in the game and to serve them from the factory, to the store, and to the field. EvoShield custom-molding Shields begin soft and flexible, and harden into form-fitted protective shells in 30 minutes. Engineered to withstand high impact under the toughest conditions, EvoShield Protective Gear is the thinnest, lightest, and strongest of its kind.