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Easton Ghost Advanced 2024 Fastpitch Bat -11, -10

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Elevate your game with the 2024 Easton Ghost Advanced, the pinnacle of cutting-edge softball bats designed for unparalleled performance. Building upon the legacy of the #1 fastpitch bat series in the game, the 2024 Ghost Advanced introduces innovative technologies to take your playing experience to new heights.

Featuring the third-generation Double Barrel 3 technology, this bat delivers exceptional feel and achieves the hottest exit velocities possible. The low-compression outer barrel, coupled with a lightweight inner barrel, ensures optimal performance right at the maximum allowed limit. Our Sonic Comp Max material, known for its consistency and durability, creates an expansive sweet spot and an unmistakably iconic sound.

What sets the 2024 Ghost Advanced apart is its widened sweet spot, surpassing not only its predecessors but also competitor bats. The integration of the new OptiFlex handle guarantees the perfect amount of flex tailored to each bat's length and weight, resulting in the ultimate combination of comfort and power.

Available in -8, -9, -10, and -11, the 2024 Ghost Advanced is your ticket to wielding the best-feeling, hottest bat in the dugout. Don't miss the chance to outshine your competition – secure yours now!