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BAUM BAT Maple Composite Wood Baseball Bat Standard Handle GOLD STOCK -3 BLACK 33 Inch

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Baum Bat is a pioneering company in the world of composite wood baseball bats. Founded in 1993 by Steve Baum, the company has been a game-changer in the baseball industry, especially in the realm of wood bats. Baum Bat's innovative approach combines the durability of composite materials with the feel and performance of traditional wood bats, making them a favorite among players at all levels of the game.

One of the key aspects that set Baum Bat apart from traditional wood bat manufacturers is their use of composite materials. Unlike solid wood bats that can be prone to breaking or splintering, especially with heavy use, Baum Bat's composite wood bats offer increased durability without sacrificing performance. This durability is particularly beneficial for players who frequently hit with wood bats or compete in leagues that mandate the use of wood bats.


  • MAPLE 
  • Balanced Weight
  • 210 Day Warranty (Industry Leading)
  • Max legal BBCOR barrel size of around 2.5 inches 
  • INSANE Exit Velo 
  • 800lbs Stonger Than Normal Wood Bats 



Comparison: Baum Bat vs Regular Wood Bat

What sets Baum Bat apart from regular wood bats?

Baum Bat offers great feel and performance while also saving you money. With regular wood bats priced at $150 or more and prone to breaking, Baum Bat provides a durable alternative at a fraction of the cost. Our customers typically enjoy 1-2+ seasons of use before needing to reorder, making Baum Bat a cost-effective and reliable choice for hitters.

Comparison: White Edition vs Gold Edition

What are the differences between the White Edition and Gold Edition Baum Bats?

Both the White and Gold Editions of Baum Bats are pro-level wood bats known for their quality. However, the Gold Edition boasts nearly double the warranty, enhanced performance, and additional custom features. Most customers find it a no-brainer to choose the Gold Edition for the best that Baum has to offer, making it a superior value for those willing to invest a bit more.

Baum Bat Barrel Size and Turn Model

What are the specifications of the Baum Bat barrel and turn model?

The Baum Bat combines elements from popular wood bat models (110/243/271) with a legal barrel diameter of 2.505" and an industry-leading sweet spot diameter of 2.473".

Balanced vs End Load

Which bat type is better suited for me, balanced or end-loaded?

Balanced bats are ideal for hitters aiming for a high average and batting early or late in the lineup (1, 2, 6, 7, 8). On the other hand, end-loaded bats are typically preferred by middle-order hitters (3, 4, 5). To determine the best fit for you, visit our main menu, click on "more," and then explore the balanced vs end load options.

Standard vs Flared Handle/Knob

baum-standard-knob.jpeg baum-flared-knob.jpeg

What's the difference between standard and flared handle/knob?

Standard knobs are our top sellers and are slimmer compared to flared knobs, which feature a slight taper at the handle. There's no performance distinction between the two; it's purely a matter of personal preference based on what feels most comfortable in the player's hands.

Comparison: Baum Bat vs Other Composite Wood Bats

How does Baum Bat compare to other composite wood bats?

While many composite wood bats may resemble wood in appearance and performance, they often lack the authentic wood bat sound and feel. Baum Bat's AAA Pro composite wood bat is designed to look, sound, and feel like wood while maximizing performance within BBCOR .50 specifications and offering unmatched durability. Tested by the NCAA's verification lab, the Baum Bat AAA Pro achieves the maximum allowable .50 rating, ensuring superior performance on the field. Making the switch to Baum Bat means experiencing enhanced distance, feel, and overall performance compared to other composite wood bats.