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Anderson Flex -10 Baseball Bat 2 3/4 Barrel (31-inch-21-oz)

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The Anderson Flex -10 Senior League 2 34 Barrel bat is made from the same type of material used to launch planes 30,000 feet into the air. The one piece design offers Sherman Tank like durability so you\ll never have to worry about breaking the bat with normal usage in games and practice. We\ve packed as much weight in the sweet spot to create a \x93trampoline\ effect when you make contact on the bat\x sweet spot. The Flex SL bat has a Reduced Moment of Inertia (the effort necessary to swing the bat) allows you to generate break neck bat speed without burning an extra ounce of effort. It\x like swinging a bat with the force of a sledgehammer with the effort of a fly swatter producing more powerful hits, massive ball speed and bigger offensive numbers.
One Year Warranty