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All-Star System Seven FGS7-OFL 12.75" Baseball Glove Left Handed Throw

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FGS7-OFL-Left Handed Throw
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The System Seven FGS7-OFL is an 12.75" pro outfielder's pattern with a long and deep pocket. As an Outfield Baseball Glove the System Seven FGS7-FB is a 12.75 inches with a deep pocket and sturdy web pattern. Constructed with a foundation of high quality Japanese Maruhashi black and tan leather, this glove is designed to be game ready fast, yet hold its shape. Pro Guard Padding (PGP) in the palm lets you know that you have the ball but helps remove the sting. System 7 Outfield Ball Glove Features 12.75 inch Baseball Outfield Pattern. Japanese Maruhashi Black & Tan Leather. Conventional Open Back. Six Finger Web. One Year Manufacturers Warranty.
One Year Warranty