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All-Star Pro-Elite 34 Professional Catchers Mitt Black Right Hand Throw

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Designed for players seeking a stiffer glove, the Pro-Elite CM3000MBK, famously used by Martin Moldonado, belongs to our solid black series. This mitt stands out from the original black and tan CM3000 series due to its stiffer black leather construction both on the inside and outside. Crafted with exclusive Japanese tanned steer hide, this mitt offers a swift break-in process and remarkable durability. Meticulous hand craftsmanship and the use of only the finest materials ensure the creation of these exceptional mitts. Featuring a 34-inch catcher's model, the Pro-Elite CM3000MBK provides a perfect fit. It includes an adjustable Velcro wrist closure for added convenience and showcases the renowned quality of our stiffer glove, setting it apart from the original black and tan CM3000 mitts.


In 2011, Martin Maldonado embarked on his professional career with our precise CM3000XSBK, a 32" mitt. As he honed his skills, Maldonado recognized the need for a larger size and transitioned to our highly popular 33.5" mitt. With pitchers delivering faster and more challenging pitches, Maldonado adapted to the demands of the game.


In the memorable 2017 season, Maldonado elevated his game further by utilizing a custom 34" mitt, a testament to his commitment to excellence. His exceptional performance earned him the prestigious Rawlings Gold Glove Award®. A distinctive mark of dedication, Maldonado inscribed "100%" on the back of his web, serving as a constant reminder to give his unwavering attention and focus to every single pitch.


Maldonado's choice of equipment, his accolades, and his unwavering dedication to the craft have established him as a formidable force behind the plate. His journey is a testament to his relentless pursuit of perfection, and his commitment to giving his absolute best to every pitch he catches.



  • The most iconic mitt in professional baseball
  • Exclusive, premium-grade Japanese steerhide leather
  • Fast break-in and extended life
  • Forms a great pocket with a loud pop pitchers love
  • Player-preferred adjustable wrist closure
  • This is the exact mitt worn by many pros
  • Soft tan leather pocket provides that extra POP that pitchers and catchers love to hear
  • Adjustable hook and loop tab on the back of the hand for a personalized fit


All-Star Pro Elite

When it comes to quality, the pros believe in the saying "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." That's why serious catchers choose our Pro-Elite® mitts, known for their exceptional leather and proven pattern. All-Star players remain loyal to our mitts because they understand the importance of using tools of excellence.

All-Star's tan leather, known for its supple nature, creates a remarkable pocket that catches the ball perfectly, producing a satisfying pop that pitchers adore. On the other hand, the black leather on the back offers stability throughout the entire season.

Recently, All-Star solid black mitts have gained popularity. All-Star's team of professional #focus members informs us that pitchers are throwing harder each year. As a result, there has been a significant shift from our 33.5" mitt to our larger 34" size. Our #focus team reveals that not only are pitchers throwing faster, but they also have increased movement on their pitches. The slight increase in size provides a small margin for error and, perhaps, some peace of mind.