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All-Star CM1100PRO 31.5 inch Catchers Mitt Pro Grade (Right Hand Throw)

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CM1100PRO-Right Hand Throw

All Star CM1100PRO 31.5 inch Catchers Mitt Pro Grade (Right Hand Throw) : The CM1100PRO is a professional grade mitt designed for smaller hands. It features soft leather for faster break-in and a wide heel channel to make it super easy for youth catchers to close. Black and tan leather mimics the adult pro level mitt and uses similar cutting patterns. Deep pockets, Flex Action crease, velcro closure, and wrist protector included.

CM1100PRO : Throws with right hand, wears on left. (31.5") mitt 

  • The PRO-ADVANCED™ Catching mitts feature Japanese tanned US steer hide and heavy duty rawhide laces.
  • The popular black/tan leather combination gives these mitts proper support and extended life.
  • These mitts have extended pockets as well as adjustable Velcro openings.
  • Great for advanced catchers in high school and college.

BREAKING IN YOUR MITT- This is a stiffer mitt intended for the serious player and will take a little work, but you will be rewarded for your effort. We recommend not putting anything on the mitt to help break it in (this includes steaming).  The best way to break it in is to simply use it.

One Year Warranty