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All-Star CKCC912S7XSC S7 AXIS Catchers Set Ages 9-12 Scarlet

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All Star Youth System7 Axis Catcher's Set Features  Set includes chest protector, leg guards, and hockey-style catcher's helmet * Recommended for players in the 9 to 12 age range A * Helmet: * High impact-resistant ABS plastic shell * Durable I-BAR steel mask for improved vision * Back plate with strap provides secure fit * Removable, washable inner liner for comfort * Two-color A graphite shell finish * Meets NOCSAE standard for safety * Size: Fits hat sizes 6-1/4 to 7 * Chest Protector: * Meets new NOCSAE standard for safety  Diamond vents on back for lightweight breathability * Internal PE protective plates for added safety * Stainless steel matte black hardware * Thin, form-fitting Delta Flex harness * Improved break points for improved blocking and control * Size: 14.5" * Leg Guards: pivoting hinge system for superior mobility * Wider, smoother knee for improved pivoting and sliding * Diamond vents on back for lightweight breathability * Repositionable center knee pad * Stainless steel matte black hardware * Size: 13.5" Hockey-Style Catcher Helmet The high-impact A ABS plastic shell sports a two-color graphite finish with an I-BAR steel mask providing maximum protection and improved vision. Chest Protector This chest protector contains internal protective plates that add extra protection from ball impacts, with break points for improved mobility. Leg Guards These leg guards feature a pivoting hinge system that improves mobility, and a wider design for improved sliding and pivoting.