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All-star Catchers Mitt CM3000SBK Pro 33.5 inch Right Handed Throw

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CM3000SBK-Right Handed Throw
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Introducing the Allstar Catchers Mitt CM3000SBK Pro, a 33.5-inch, right-handed throw mitt designed for excellence. Crafted with precision, this black CM3000 catchers mitt is made from exclusive Japanese tanned steer hide, ensuring exceptional quality. Each glove is meticulously handcrafted, making it a true work of art.

The soft tan leather pocket enhances the mitt's feel, enabling a quick break-in period while providing that desired "pop" when catching pitches. Pitchers appreciate the added responsiveness it gives to their throws. Meanwhile, the black leather back offers the perfect balance of support for handling the ball and long-lasting durability.

For improved comfort and reduced bulk, the adjustable locking tab back is a convenient feature. This innovative design element enhances the mitt's overall performance while ensuring a comfortable fit. With its 33 1/2-inch size, this mitt provides the ideal balance between versatility and control.

The Allstar Catchers Mitt CM3000SBK Pro embodies excellence in every aspect. From its premium materials and meticulous craftsmanship to its superior feel and durability, this mitt is a top choice for serious catchers who demand the very best.

  • The most iconic mitt in professional baseball
  • Exclusive, premium-grade Japanese steerhide leather
  • All black leather for a stiffer feel
  • Forms a great pocket with a loud pop pitchers love
  • Player-preferred adjustable wrist closure


  • This is the exact mitt worn by many pros
  • Stiffer black leather pocket still has the same distinct POP that Pro-Elite gloves are known for
  • Adjustable hook and loop tab on the back of the hand for a personalized fit


MITT BREAK-IN: While this pro-level mitt may be initially stiff, investing some effort in breaking it in will yield satisfying results. We strongly advise against using any substances or steaming methods to expedite the process. The most effective way to break it in is through consistent usage.

One Year Warranty