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All-Star Catchers Gear Sets


All-Star Catchers Gear Sets Size and Fit Information



For the most accurate sizing, it is recommended to use the payers hat size, found by measuring the circumference of the players head, and then using the chart to figure out the recommended model / size.





All-Star chest protectors are measured from top of sternum to players naval. Depending on the model of the chest protector are available in 9 inch (Male + Female) 13 Inch (Women) 13,5 (Male)  14.5 (Male + Female) 15.5 (Male) and 16.5 (Male) lengths. If a player is in between lengths for chest protector it is recommended to go with larger length. The chest protector should fit high, with the throat guard over the base of the neck. Because of DeltaFlex harness is adjustable in 4 different locations you can dial in a perfect fit.



Best done seating, measure from center of players knee cap to top of players cleats. Depending on the model of leg guards available in 10.5 inch (Male + Female) 11.5 (Female) 13 (Female) 13.5 (Male) 14.5 (Male + Female) 15.5 (Male) 16.5 (Male) 17.5 (Male). If the player measures in between leg guard sizes it is recommended to select the longer length. Remember for the best fit, please adjust both sides of the DeltFlex harness on Pro Series and System Seven leg guards. DeltaFlex harness should cradle the back of the calf muscle, lining up centered down the back of the calf.


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All-Star Sporting Goods­® motto is simple: MOVE FORWARD, RISE ABOVE. Established over 60 years ago, All-Star began as a small family-owned business that made jock straps. Today, they are primarily known for our top quality baseball and softball catching equipment, and are proud to say still family-owned! They value every single type of player, all the way from the pros down to the little leaguers. They take their jobs seriously so you can play the game you love while looking and feeling great in your gear. They aim to provide top notch service, which is why they aim for “work hard, play hard” company culture.